backpipe accessories



Maintenance Items

Somers Reed Protector
One size fits all.

Bagpipe mouthpieces
4, 5, and 6 inches sizes available
Blowpipe valves
rubber valve, copper stem, instructions included.
yellow, 2 oz. roll
black waxed, 2 oz. roll.

Teflon Tape
for wrapping tuning-pin joints

Rubber stoppers
for seasoning and checking bags.
Bagpipe cord ties
nylon, available in black or white
(set of 8).
White cord ties
Pipe Bags

L&M tanned hide bags
small (9.5′), medium (10.5″), large (11″)
Ross Zipper Cannister bag
Recommended “extended small size”
Bannatyne pipe bag
Various combinations available:
• synthetic, without zipper
• synthetic, with zipper
• hide/synthetic combination, with zipper

Ezee Drone reeds
Set of three.
JWT (McAllister) pipe reeds
Made by James Troy and James P. Troy.

As played by Grade 1 North American Champions 78th Highlanders (Citadel) from Halifax.

Somers practice chanter reed

Bagpipe cords – wool
Black, white, green, red.
Bagpipe cords – silk
Black, white, green, red, silver.
Pipe bag covers
Corduroy, colours on request.
Bagpipe brush
soft chanter brush
Bagpipe brush
soft drone brush
Pipers’ Pal
reed protector
Bagpipe Repairs

Somers Bagpipes will undertake all repairs to your pipes, We frequently make replacement stocks and blowpipes, and can repair/replace broken tuning pins or other damaged parts.Contact us to ask about repairs or other customs work on your bagpipes.